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Erectable canopy tents

Advantages of "Fora-Invest" technologies

"Fora-Invest"specialises in production of quickly erectable canopy tents. We achieved a leadership position in the field among other Russian companies through constant improvement of design solutions and production technologies. Our company is committed to constant development and following tendencies on the global construction market. Our goals:

  • reduction of a construction weight;
  • reduction of a project cost and offering best prices for customers;
  • widening possibilities for steel structure manufacturing by integrating non-standard equipment;
  • improvement of professional skills, both company's and each employee's .

Advantaged of our constructions:

  • Steel frame
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • High-quality canopy cover
  • Well-proven production technology
  • Minimal cost of installation

Quickly erectable canopy tents are often considered to be less durable in comparison with concrete steel and sandwich panels buildings. However it should be considered that lifetime is usually only a project estimate.

In reality you can find canopy tents functioning for over 30 years without loosing their initial qualities, visual and operational. Factors affecting durability:

  • quality of initial assembly;
  • adherence to operating process;
  • timely repairs.

In comparison with permanent structures canopy tents have a list of significant advantages:

Minimal cost and fast assembly

Design and installation of a tension fabric building does not take much time, because it does not require a deep foundation. It is also worth noting, that tension fabric buildings are registered as temporary constructions, which makes obtaining necessary documents much easier. Transportation of construction materials is also much cheaper in comparison with brick or steel concrete buildings.

Quickly erectable tension fabric building is economically efficient on every stage, including its further exploitation.


  1. Energy saving

    Due to their transparency canopy covers provide a lot of natural sunlight inside the building. Canopy tents require 2,5 times less artificial lighting than traditional buildings. Natural sunlight makes them independent from electrical networks. Even in cloudy weather they don`t require artificial lighting during daytime. To achieve the same intensity of lighting as in canopy tents, metal building would require electric bulbs that use several thousands watts.

  2. Comfort

    Due to low thermal conductivity canopy cover serves as a barrier, protecting air inside the building from heating under sunlight. Unlike metal constructions canopy cover does not transfer heat inside the building. White cover does not heat, UV emission inhibitors provide protection from sunlight and prolong canopy tent lifetime. Canopy tents are very spacious inside and hold more air. Because of that warm air ascends to the roof and gradually leaves the building, keeping temperature inside low.

  3. Better looking exterior

    Canopy tents with their delicate shapes, rounded corners, snow white covers with colourful trimming (under individual customer order) look much more distinctive in comparison with simple square steel structures. They look more attractive from both inside and outside.

  4. Quality

    Canopies are designed with allowance for snow and wind loads, in compliance with local construction regulations and requirements, considering possibility of exploitation in areas with high seismic activity and temperature range from +70оС to -60оС.

    Constructions are designed for long and safe exploitation, assembled from high-quality components. Made from steel profile pipes, arch trusses save their rigidity and structural integrity at any environmental conditions, which ensures durability and stability of construction. For north regions cold-resistant steel 09G2C grade is used. Steel frame surface is processed with protective-decorative powder-polymeric enamel, that allows to achieve high quality, corrosion and impact resistant surface with over 20 years lifetime

    Tent cover is fire resistant unlike other materials, does not participate in reactions with chemical materials, permits a lot of light, resistant to UV emissions, temperature difference and atmospheric precipitations. Cover material is fully resistant to environmental conditions. Constructions keep their quality of resistance to atmospheric precipitations during all its lifetime.

  5. Leakage prevention

    Metal roofing require thousands of fixtures, that weaken roof`s strength in time. It means thousands of holes and seals, that can let water pass inside the building, air - outside. Tent cover is impenetrable for air and water, ensuring protection of a building from leaks and moisture. Constructions are provided with seamless tent covers. All longitudinal joint seams have double overcloak and complete hermiticity. Tent tensioning system is inside the building. Canopy tents are "200% more hermetical" than common building.

  6. Great soundproofing

    Instead of reverberating sounds, tent covers absorb them and don`t create echoes. It creates a quiet atmosphere inside the building making it easy to address large groups of people. Metal constructions require additional soundproofing materials, which increases initial project cost even more. Rain dropping on metal roof can be very loud and distractive. It is much different with canopy tents - it is never moist or cold inside, raindrops or hail sound almost calming.

  7. Corrosion resistance

    Unlike metal roofs canopy covers do not corrode under water or air action. Our constructions have a longer lifetime in corrosion aggressive environment (for example storing salt or close location of salt water).

  8. Multi-purpose use

    Absence of inner supporting pillars helps maximise warehouse space utilization. Canopy tents can be utilized for any purpose: from storing sand to domestic livestock breeding, as a horse riding hall, automobile workshop, aircraft hangar and venue for entertainment events.

  9. Fast assembly

    All constructions are designed to be assembled from prefabricated modules, which ensures quick installation. Assemble of 1500 sq m tension fabric building takes about 2 weeks. Canopy tents with width less than 30 m do not require foundation, they can be assembled on asphalt-concrete surface using anchor clapping techniques.


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