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Buildings from metal structures


OOO "Fora-Invest" offers range of services from design and production to erecting of Pre-engineered buildings. Hight quality, always meeting deadlines, and attention to details makes "Fora-Invest" a reliable partner in a field of turnkey installation of metal structures and pre-engineered buildings.


Properties and advantages of sandwich panel pre-engineered buildings

In modern day economic conditions a demand for new warehouses, production facilities, commercial structures, and accommodation facilities increases constantly. As of today there are many technologies allowing to reduce construction time without hurting quality of a structure. Metal structure and sandwich panel pre-engineered buildings - a universal solution as these structures are distinguished by its inexpensiveness, durability and convenience. Production of these structures expands everyday as there are more demand for them.

Advantages of pre-engineered buildings:

  • aesthetically pleasing, vivid colour scheme of a facade;
  • versatility of architectural solutions;
  • unlimited size of a building, possibility of layout modification;
  • possible to erect in any weather conditions;
  • high performance characteristics, efficient insulation;
  • high toughness index with low structural weight;
  • no need in a deep foundation;
  • resistance to temperature disturbances and atmospheric fallouts;
  • possible to erect at any time of year without hurting quality of a structure;
  • reducing construction time.

Pre-engineered metal buildings are reliable, because steel used in their structure is not affected by molds or fungi. In its turn galvanized siding is coated with anticorrosive solution with service life over 50 years. Mineral wool is often used as thermal insulation, it's eco-friendly, noncombustible, and also exhibit perfect acoustic insulating characteristics. As a protection against the weather, buildings are mounted with gutters and mating elements. Another advantage of such structures is that they're easily washed and do not absorb dirt.

Pre-engineered frame buildings are efficient both in terms of construction time and cost-wise. Cash savings are determined by low prime material cost, heating efficiency (thanks to the quality insulation), possibility to erect on a shallow foundation, and minimal labour.

Pre-engineered metal and sandwich panel buildings proved to be general purpose, reliable and cost saving solutions for manufacturing, warehouse and trading needs. Main advantage of such technology is an absence of "wet processes"; assembling of all elements of the structure is performed using special fixtures, and does not depend on weather conditions.

Main elements of pre-engineered buildings:

  • foundation;
  • metal frame;
  • enclosures;
  • elements of architectural joints sealing.

Type of foundation depends on geotechnical and hydrogeological conditions of construction location, foundation load rate and design feature of the building. For instance, single story building made of light-gage steel could be erected on a flat concrete pad, excluding additional cost of foundation.

Metal frame is the main load bearing structural component of erected building and provides stiffness of structure. Closures, walls, gates, doors, windows, secondary structures, different equipment, other constituent elements etc. are mounted on the metal frame. Following used as walls:

  • galvanized siding or painted profile sheet;
  • sandwich profile sheet assembly (ventilated facade type);
  • three-layer sandwich panels with different insulants (mineral, basalt fibre, foam polystyrene, polyurethane foam);
  • foam concrete blocks, bricks and other materials.

Three layered sandwich panels is the most popular type of cladding. Their low weight significantly reduces cost of metal frame, foundation, delivery and assembly. Pre-engineered sandwich panel buildings are shipped to construction site unassembled and compactly packaged. Each element has identification number in accordance with design layout. Each element is fixed with high strength bolt without welding.




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